Tuesday, May 24, 2011

cotton clouds

the heavens declare the glory of god,
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
psalm 19:1esv

i snapped this photo with my phone last week.
before we were overwhelmed by
freshly mown grass, new blooms and dusty pebbled playgrounds.
which, by the way, i love all of these things. they hate us.

i have really sensitive eyes. being in the sun
is tough for me, sight wise.
i can't see much without wearing 
my polarized sunglasses, to cut the glare.
my sunnies also make it impossible
to see my phone screen.
boy, was i thrilled to see that i'd
actually captured these cotton clouds!
as we were strolling home from the park, i was just amazed.
the sky was so blue. the clouds were so white. and super fluffy.
i just think it is crazy, i pray i'll never stop being impressed.
those white fluffs are just balanced there,
looking all happy above me.
he made them. god did. he holds them up. god does.
as i thank him for the cozy, cotton clouds, i also remember:

behold, god is my helper;
the lord is the upholder of my life.
psalm 54:4esv

what little thing have you reflected upon lately?


  1. totally had a creation cloud moment last week. love seeing God at work in the simplest things (Well not even that simple!) - so Romans 1. Crazy.

  2. Love this - that's what I need, a refocus to be thankful for the things that God gives us that are just pretty, just nice, just small bits of joy that are actually HUGE if you really stop and think about it.

  3. I've always loved that verse. Sometimes you just need to look at the creation and remember. Thank you for this lovely reminder today girl!

  4. yes! he wants to be praised, even for these "small" things! xoxo

  5. I can't believe you took that with your phone. It looks incredible!