Monday, April 11, 2011

spring {it's really here}

last week we played at the park
for the first time in many months.
it felt so wonderful to be breathing fresh air!
feeling the crisp cool breeze brush my hair across my face,
as i tried to keep up with my son.
watching elijah run wild, like it was his first ever park visit.
wrinkles forming in my forehead as i squint at the sun.
laughing at patrick and elijah on the little bitty merry-go-round.
smiling until my face hurts.
this is spring.
this is my life.
i'm so in love.

i will sing to the lord,
because he has dealt bountifully with me.
PSALM 13:6esv

today i'm joining heather at life made lovely!
go say hello!


  1. Love the new picture on the header! Don't you just love when spring finally peeks through for us in the cold weather states? We were outside ALL weekend!

  2. I'm loving the feel of the sun on my face and being outside everyday with the kids. LOVELY!

  3. loving your new blog header. too sweet.

    and the pic of the guys on the merry-go-round makes me so jealous of your fun outside time.

  4. I give you credit. I can't imagine being cooped up for the winter. I am so glad you got to get outside. Your little guy must have had a blast!

  5. So happy for you that the weather is changing for the better. I don't know how you do inside with a two year old all day. Wooo Hooo for Spring!

  6. LOVE that new header! what a sweet little face. i can see why you're in love! :) <3

  7. yes! the SUN is here and we are filled with joy and thankfulness! woohoo!

  8. Ooooooh. I used to love the merry go round.

    Now, it just makes me want to hurl. ::snort::