Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pushed to repentance

do you presume on the riches of his kindness
and forbearance and patience,
not knowing that god’s kindness
is meant to lead you to repentance?
ROMANS 2:4esv

i was reading a little bit and wanted to share:
{by joni eareckson tada, secret strength}
"contemplating the kindness and goodness of god always leads us to repentance. i was thinking about that a few days before last easter. i read through the story of the crucifixion to prepare my heart for easter morning. i spent more than a few hours deliberating over the words of christ when he cried in anguish from the cross, 'my god, my god, why have you forsaken me?'.
the reply was silence. cold accusing silence. heaven itself accused jesus of sins in those horrible moments: lusting and lying, cheating and coveting, murder and hypocrisy, cruelty and deceit. of course, christ had never committed any of those sins, but we have. and every one of your sins and mine was racked up on his account right there on that cross.
so where was god's goodness in treating christ so? where was the father's kindness in turning his back on his only son-while jesus cried out in horror and grief?
on that terrible, wonderful day, god's goodness and kindness were directed toward you. god forsook his own son...so that he would never forsake you!
as i pondered that amazing thought, i felt ashamed. the goodness of god was, indeed, leading me to repentance. to think that god's anger for my sins was poured out on christ-and that he has no anger left for me!
unlike christ, i will never have to agonize over separation from my father. and neither will you. god poured the full measure of his wrath-the terrors of eternal hell-on his own son...so that you and i could be adopted into his very family. that's how good he is. and that's how his goodness has a way of pushing us to repentance."

praise the lord for his goodness and kindness towards me!
may i never forget it, but always be pushed to repentance


  1. great post friend! I am always amazed and grateful when I think that Jesus took on MY sin! Who am I that he would do that for me? Thanks for sharing!

  2. amen. just reading this makes my heart rejoice. 'He forsook His own Son...so He would never forsake you!' the gravity of that truth and the love embedded in it slays me.

  3. nic-it slays me too. every day. xo

  4. amen. repentance is so hard. so necessary. so encouraging to be reminded that our Savior is perfect.

  5. I am new to your blog...the Lord led me here today...even if just to read this! Thank you for sharing what the Lord has shown you...I hope you don't mind...but I shared what you wrote with others. It impacted me, and I wanted others to have their hearts opened, like these words did for me!
    Praising God for you!
    Thank you....He is Risen!

  6. wonderful, kelly!
    happy easter! do you have a blog? i'd love to visit.

  7. Hi Hannah....No, I don't have a blog...but thank you for your kind words. :)
    Happy Easter to you also!
    May the Lord bless you richly....thank you for blessing me and others!