Thursday, April 28, 2011

paint chip art

did you see this on curbly?
paint chip art!
on the angelina la dawn tomato blog, this fun idea was shared.
great way to actually use those hoarded paint chips;)

paper cutting relaxes me,
even if someone else is doing it. i am weird.
how about you?


  1. hey a friend of mine has been doing this "100 ways to use paint chips" project and putting pictures on facebook! So far she's made lots of stuff to include birdhouse, pendant and little food signs for a party (like "Artichoke dip"). It's been really fun seeing what she does

  2. Another thing you can do with paint chips: Put them on a piece of yarn or rope for your child to use while on a nature walk or scavenger hunt while on a walk, at the grocery store, etc. He can try and find things that are the same color as the paint chips.

  3. ok, that is such a neat idea!! i think i might have to 'borrow' it, hehe!