Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ommetaphobia {imma fraidy cat}

{would you believe this is the best photo i captured of elijah on easter? pfft}

i have always been grossed out/terrified
of anything having to do with eyes.
after my accident, i improved a wee bit. i just had to!
i use eye drops daily, without fear, i am a big girl now.
that being said, i freak out, whine a lot and lose my appetite
if i happen to get an eye twitch or any eye discomfort at all,
i am unsettled a bit.
i have been having weird issues with my right eye.
my good eye:)
from constant twitching, to stabbing pain, my eyeball has been annoying/scaring the tar out of me since late saturday. yesterday, i was able to get in to see a doctor. after hours of testing, which included those delightful numbing drops and dilation, i was deemed all good in the eyeball hood. a side note, i need glasses:) the doctor says my particular array of symptoms is unrelated to my need for a prescription. apparently, eyes can be affected by other problems. fabulous. please pray for me as i try not to be anxious over the next day or so as we continue to try to find a solution to my woes. a likely culprit could be a sinus problem. simple enough, i'll take that please!

But when I am afraid,
I will put my trust in you.
PSALM 56:3nlt

what gives you the heebie jeebies?


  1. oh yes! it makes my eyes water when others get something in theirs, or are irritated. and i definitely can't do eye drops. you are a brave girl. :)

    my eyes twitch a LOT when i'm stressed. which is just plain annoying. :)

    praying for you and your windows to the world!

    1. My eyes (specifically my right one) twitch when I'm stressed too! Good to know I'm not alone because it's only been happening within the last six months or so, and it's freaky!

  2. feet. no doubt. 100% hate all feet. even if someone says they have pretty feet. they lie.

    praying for your peepers! :)

    alos, just read your accident story for the first time. WOW. no other words.

  3. A lot of things scare me. From the silly: feet, snakes, and heights. To the serious: losing a child before I die, my husband's cancer returning, and the possibility of my son with Asperger's getting bullied for being different. God knows our worries. Bring it to Him, Girl. All of it! Praying for you. Hugs!

  4. thanks, katie! praying for you too, his grace is sufficient! xo

  5. hannah.... I know you even better now. Read your accident. ((((((deep breath)))))) I am so blessed to see how you have grown closer to Christ through it all.

    I WILL pray you can trust Him and be anxious for nothing over these next days. Thank you for being honest and real.

    You are beautiful! Love the picture of Elijah.

    heebie jeebies? spiders. any thing bigger than a dime. I am not fine.


  6. Praying for you & your eye health!

    (p.s. I NEVER get good photos on holidays. Too much craziness. It just never happens. At least you have one, right!)