Wednesday, April 06, 2011

new favorite

for some reason, whenever i say
or hear someone else say "new favorite",
i always think of this gorgeous depressing song.

i just wanted to share my new favorite eye creme!
i adore arbonne products. specifically their fc5 line
they launched a couple years ago. heavenly.
this hydrating eye creme is indeed ultra hydrating. not greasy, not heavy.
completely smooth, gentle and refreshing.
it has an almost fruity smell. it isn't cheap, but it isn't super pricey either.
it is worth every penny though, in my opinion.

do you use an eye cream?


  1. I don't, but have started thinking that I should start some kind of skin prevention, dare I say anti-aging, routine. Thanks for the tip!

  2. i LOVE arbonne! especially their 2-1 primer + mascara in the silver tube? have you tried that? and no eye cream for me. i am pathetic and sad in the skin care department. 95% of the time, i use baby wipes to clean my face. :(

  3. i'm not using eye cream. but i probably should. crows feet central. also, forehead cream. i inherited my dad's forehead wrinkles. much cuter on him than me. :)

  4. I was using an eye cream from Origins but got lazy. Now I'm not using anything. Five years ago I sold Arbonne for about 2 months; until I realized that I'm not a sales person. Yes, their stuff is awesome!

  5. I LOVE that song. "New favorite.....they won't say it"

    I actually thought of it right away when I saw the title of your post!

  6. That is a beautiful song, but very sad! I had never heard it before.

    As for eye cream and cream and make-up in general, I wish I was more savvy on those things. But, I know so little.

  7. No eye cream: intend to wear my crow's feet with pride:-)(Love the Arbonne eyeliner)>

  8. Love Arbonne! I just had a party so I could buy the WHOLE RE9 line at a discount. I even got my girls stuff :) Poor Jerry, he has a hard time understanding the whole makeup/jewlrey/kitchen stuff/etc party thing.