Wednesday, April 13, 2011


don't they look must-have yummy?
macarons are totally food-fashionable right now.
they are taking over dessert tables everywhere!
i've heard them called "the new cupcake".
cupcakes will always be number one for me.
macarons are awesome though! well, true confession,
i have only ever had one legit "french macaron".
it was amazing-and i'd love to try more flavors!
if i'm ever to reach my goal though,
i had better stick to these wearable treats from petitplat instead;)


  1. oh yum! i would love to learn to make these :)

  2. I just discovered macaroons yesterday! I went to this trendy cafe looking for something yummy and they had a million different flavors and colors. I got japanese lemon and hazlenut and they were delicious. They're pretty light too -- maybe not so high in calories? That could be a lie. At least in heaven they'll be no calories :)

  3. YES they are everywhere! had one on my 10 on 10 - my first time having one like this. it was REALLY sweet. Too sweet.

    I'm sticking to cupcakes. :)

  4. those look delish! unfortunately, i need to stick to the wearable treats, too. this sugar fast is going to kill me!!

  5. hello dear daughter--as you know I have a very traditional macaroon recipe that is very yummy--but it looks "rough" compared to these--are these little meringue "sandwiches" what you call french macaroons?

  6. I say "yes please" to both versions! lol