Saturday, April 16, 2011

excuse me {saturday snapshot}

i put a movie on for elijah just now. i thought it'd be fun to
watch together while we ate a snack.
as you can see, he was thrilled that i wanted to take a photo.
i am not posting the ones where he is
very teenager-cut eyes-staring at me.
excuse me, son darling, for wanting a picture
of your moody sweet face.
oh! did i mention we got a nice six inches of snow yesterday?
excuse me, i thought it was april. you know, spring?
good grief.

a bit of good news:
i am on day five of "no sugar".
no one has been injured by me (yet).
i managed to buy easter candy for easter baskets today
without eating any-and almost not even wanting to!

what have you been up to this fine saturday?
i'm linking up here to yellow songbird!


  1. I have very few photos of my older child during her run from the camera phase. It passes. For awhile at least. Your blog design looks familiar--love it.

  2. 5 days with no sugar??? BRAVO! How do you think you'll hold up on Easter? Good luck lady!

  3. cute picture! even if it was hard to get ;)

  4. ok 1. your son is seriously so precious. LOVE HIM. :) 2. i think i had that same patterned couch? maybe? does it have faint blue and white stripes as well? 3. you are totally rocking the new sugar thing! keep it up - sugar totally makes you crave more sugar - so staying with out keeps up your momentum! :)

  5. he is just precious!!!! And, way to go with no sugar!!!!! You go girl!!!

  6. He is too cute. I love that you two got to watch a movie and enjoy a snack together. You are amazing for not eating the Easter candy. I would have been pathetic. : )

  7. Ca-Ute!!! And dang that snow. DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!

  8. No sugar on Easter??? wow, you're my hero

    Elijah is quite the model - he is so handsome and photogenic, gosh!