Monday, April 25, 2011

elijah grey, he has my heart

as difficult as the last few weeks in toddlerville have been,
i am rejoicing!
my sweet elijah grey isn't all sass.
he is great company for me each day.
i love peeking on him when he sleeps. 
especially his feet. i melt.
he's in love with his new crocs for summer!
we are hoping nice weather comes soon.
like for real, and to remain.
something quirky i've noticed elijah doing a few times:
he carefully places things.
like the little safari playmobil man balancing on his book shelf.
or maybe setting his cup just barely
on the corner of the counter.
he doesn't do this with every thing or even every day.
but he does it, and it cracks. me. up.
with his little serious eyebrows and holding his breath.
what a weirdo;)
my weirdo.
thanks, lord, for letting us take care of this darling boy.

what's making your life lovely?


  1. Isn't there just something so lovely about sleeping children.... makes my heart melt too xo

  2. Love the pic of his little feet in socks. Too precious.

  3. This so sweet. I love little feet too...I just want to eat them. Hope your days are getting better.

  4. awwww great pictures, and I'm in love with his crocs too! My oldest used to line up everything in perfectly straight lines,cars, legos, whatever, and he took it very seriously ;)

  5. love that you picked up on that cute habit of his. so precise.

    and those crocs are just way too cute. :)

  6. These are moments we don't ever want to forget. My two year old is a treasure. She amazes us with her sunny smiles, kisses, and keen intellect. The photo of your sweetheart is precious.

  7. Those crocs are cute... I can see why he loves them so. Countdown to summer break is making my life lovely. And reading the book 1,000 Gifts is also making me see the lovely in the every day. :o)

  8. oh my...those green shoes are so they have my size?


  9. oh he would have my heart, too! he's a total doll.