Wednesday, April 20, 2011

easter treats

i thought it would be fun to round up a few goodies for y'all!
since i am not having any fun at all eating sugar
(i'm on day nine without!), i want someone to enjoy these things!
1.homemade cadbury eggs from kristan
at the cookbook queen blog. these look amazing
like easter heaven.
well, they do if you love cadbury creme eggs.
if you don't, then you just may be feeling sick right now.

2.peeps s'mores from steamy kitchen. yeah. more heaven.
seriously, peeps are my peeps.

the orange and green color scheme is so fun for easter.
besides the obvious carrot cake,
the other little details in this party are too cute!
and bonus, there are free coordinating printables,
so go check it out. 

she's posted the recipe, complete with photos and scriptures
so you can tell the easter story as you bake.
how much fun is that?! hop on over and check it out,
such a fun activity to do with kiddos.

what neat-o easter stuff have you been lovin'?


  1. i'm always a sure thing for a sweet treat! yum and oh, so cute. Great finds. good for you on not eating sugar. that is fabulous and i really admire your will power. can you share some of that?? :)

  2. keep up the good work! :) and i love the calories of LOOKING at the treats on your blog, vs actually eating them! :) much better!

  3. Awesome...I love this blog too! You are just too cute! I love this post. Too bad I just had to go gluten free! It is really hard looking at all my favorite things but I can do it! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

    Heather Mullin

  4. I am so glad to see these peep s'mores. Thanks!

  5. yum yum yum! SO want to try those cadbury's. when i find my baking supplies. which will probably be sometime NEXT easter. :(

  6. I have not had any Easter candy! (yet). Normally by now I've at least had a Reese's pb egg. I just wasn't into it this year I guess. Which is a good thing for my waist line! :o)