Thursday, March 03, 2011

two years already!?

in two weeks we'll celebrate elijah grey's second gotcha day!
we will likely have a little celebration at home. as elijah gets older, and actually cares about exciting party details, i am looking forward to throwing him quite the hooray!
he is special, you know!
i am certain we couldn't have picked a more delightful child,
so happy god chose to place him with us!
what a blessing he is!
it is really hard to imagine our life without him in it.
the lonely kid-free days seem so very distant,
yet i can't believe it has been this long we've been parents!
waking up to elijah each day reminds us to rejoice rather than to grieve not being able to have children. seriously, look what we got through adoption? best. boy. ever.
someday(soon) we hope to add to our family, but for now,
we are livin' it up with this busy bundle of endless energetic FUN!

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