Monday, March 28, 2011

toddler bed (bye bye baby)

my two year old has been the king of whining lately. sadly, this often makes me the queen of whining. i try to have a great attitude, and remember he is just being two. on days like today though, i am just so tired! it's super easy for me to enjoy hanging out with my little guy, i just love being home with him! BUT it has been especially hard lately, i am soooo exhausted.
he has not been sleeping well. he is grumpy, easily frustrated and testing every last thread of patience with me. i am so tired. please pray that i will be able to squeeze joy from these rough days, i fear this week will be another long one!

in other (related)news, elijah has graduated from the crib. for weeks he'd been climbing out and livin' it up with his toys when he should be asleep. our friends gave us a toddler bed, we decided to go ahead with it since elijah wasn't ever staying in his crib anyway. he is still up and down a bit, and not napping. at night he mostly stays put. all we can hope for now is that warm weather comes quickly so we can get this child outdoors! he is-we all are-starving for playgrounds and sunshine! elijah has more energy than a daycare full of two year olds-and this winter in north dakota has proved nearly impossible.

what are your tips for keeping a toddler in bed?

the really crazy thing about all this? i have been a wreck! i had no idea what was even going on, crying randomly throughout the days. then, it hit me. the crib. it was gone. my baby. he is gone. we now have a three foot tall kid. in a bed. true "baby days" have been gone awhile, but this bed thing seems to tie i all up for me. i'm thrilled that elijah is growing up, it is so fun to experience with him! he was my baby though, my only one. will i ever have another baby? even when/if we adopt again, will it be a baby? i hope so. this is all going too quickly for me.
i better just keep soaking up these sweet moments with my boy. even on these very difficult days, i wouldn't trade this time for anything.


  1. Hang in there, Mama! Those days/weeks are long. Try to do something for yourself soon. Buy a favorite magazine, take a bath, or whatever it takes to "treat" yourself to something that will make you feel a bit lighter.
    From a mom who knows what it is like. : )

  2. thanks, katie!! yes, little "treats" are helping, i have thankfully been able to take a few breaks. thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Hannah
    If I was there, I would come and babysit for an you could stroll at the mall and go to the library and visit your sister...
    I'll be praying- it's tough being house bound
    -through all the bits and pieces of your descriptions of hard times... there is the joy of your great love for that little guy!
    hang in there lovely one!

  4. thanks, Wendy!!
    he is a super sweetie-just crazy;) wish you WERE here!

    y'all-he is actually napping right now!! praise jesus!!

  5. oh goodness. our 3 year old has been climbing into our bed for months now. so i'm in no shape to offer advice. sorry! and the days do FLY! i can't believe how quickly it all goes. hang in there, girl!

  6. thank you, Jessica! crazy and fun days we have! xo (you hang in there too!)

  7. I have no advice either--my 16 month old is out of her crib because she was escaping and is supposed to wear a brace for hip dysplacia and I was afraid she would hurt herself...I pretty much have to sit outside her door and keep putting her back in bed when she climbs out. It's a pain but I'd rather not be fearful of her falling--we have a gate on her door and she stays put in the night once she's asleep--good luck: )

  8. yep, sitting at the door until he stays put is often our story too!

  9. Are we living the same life? Ethan has been whining and acting like a crazy man for the last few days and I feel like I want to pull my hair out. I feel for you and I'll be praying that things get better.
    We are having a problem with Ethan staying in bed. Actually, today is the first day in four days that he hasn't gotten out of his bed at naptime/bedtime. So what we did to get him to stay in bed was take away toys. Every time he got out of bed I would take one of his toys (usually his favorite trucks) and set them on the table and tell him that he couldn't play with them for the rest of the day. Yesterday at naptime I took about 12 toys away. Finally he cried himself to sleep. After waking up, he asked for the toys several times, but he didn't get them and we would talk about why they were taken away. When he went down for a nap today we talked about what my expectations were and what would happen if they were not met. I went well. Tomorrow could be a whole different story, but so far it seems to be working.
    Hope that helps. Hang in there, the 2's are tough, tiring, humorous and adventurous. I have a love hate relationship with this age.

  10. love hate is RIGHT!
    we have done similarly-practically emptying his room or toys at nap and night time! yesterday he napped with no problems, only for 40 mins but so thankful! today we had another battle-so i just emptied his room, told him he had to stay in his room quietly with books, whether he slept or not-closed the door and set a timer for 45 mins(i would get him after that time)-he was asleep in twenty minutes-for two hours!!!!! praise jesus!