Thursday, March 10, 2011

i need a plan {spring cleaning}

the time has come. the time is now.
i'm thinking spring cleaning should begin very soon.
historically, if i don't plan it out at least a little bit,
i will not really finish how i wanted to!
getting rid of clutter is on my list. this will be a huge part of my cleaning plan. this will include many trips to the trash, goodwill and even some listings on craigslist!
the last few days i have been trying to decide what is best for me. getting a vision(of what i what my home to look and function like), and setting a deadline(a reasonable one).
i'm totally inspired with this action plan from house wife bliss. the breakdown of areas into weeks best fits my cleaning personality. yes, my cleaning and organizing have a personality. they key for me is to be encouraged and not get overwhelmed. remember to pace myself and make the most of every toddler free moment:) with ideas from housewife bliss and these tips from clover lane mixed with my own goals, this should be easy. i'm going to figure out the details within the week and hope to begin cleaning and organizing on march 21-the day after the first day of spring!

do you have a spring cleaning plan?

for now, i will just be thinking of all of this
because i have other things to do.
did i mention elijah has a double ear infection and a respiratory virus? yeah, sleepless, whiny, feverish days. bless his heart!

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  1. Peg Bracken's 1962 book called The I Hate To Housekeep Book inspired my cleaning style. I'm a Random Housewife.
    Her understanding of Random Housewifery is the funniest and most insightful description I know! Full of good advice and sympathy.