Wednesday, March 30, 2011

no more clutter (a few tips)

i received the april issue of
woman's day magazine the other day. 
just getting around to looking at it.
all of my current magazine subscriptions are freebies!
it's a a super treat if there are really cool things-which real simple always has-
and no big loss if one month is a dud issue!
lately, woman's day has been delivering some very helpful ideas.

the battle of being clutter free
will likely be a lifelong one for me.
thankfully, we live in an apartment,
so we just can't have too much stuff anyway.
somehow though, we have managed
to hang on to entirely too much
crap that we don't need and don't even use.
one of the biggest things on my list is to get rid of clutter.
all of it. for good(i hope).
i really don't have a ton of "stuff",
but i have too much useless stuff.
between dealing with a toddler, and not feeling that well,
my spring cleaning has yet to begin.
instead of being extremely annoyed
that i am behind my schedule, i am using this time to
think more about my plan
(and be just a tiny bit annoyed).

i was pleased to see a "no more clutter" article
in the woman's day magazine.
whenever i read something like this,
i always think "i know that already". and i usually am right,
but i don't do much to prove i know. pfft.
i thought i'd share a few things that i believe are key
in removing clutter from our lives.
so, take a look, even if you already know it all:)

it only takes 5 or 10 minutes to attack a counter or a single drawer. when you have a free moment, or while you're on the phone, declutter small areas

the next time you're in that store aisle, try this: remind yourself of all the reasons you do not need the item. say aloud, i do not have room for it, i already have one similar. it's not wise use of my finances. build immunity to our urge to buy. you don't have to buy every dress that looks good on you. look at it in the shop, put it down,
and go home and clean your house:)

prepare yourself. decluttering can stir up all sorts of emotional baggage. give yourself a pep talk, just like you would before any other "goodbye" ceremony(graduation, funeral). don't think about specific items until the moment delucttering begins; this helps espcially if you have a tough time making decisions. if you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed,
call a friend(call me!).

"but aunt suzy gave me that"
remind yourself that aunt suzy would want you to keep items you get use out of.
sell it or dontae to someone who will use it.

make a schedule and set a timer. allow several weeks and tackle each area in smaller blocks of time. setting a timer for 2 hours, force yourself to work until the timer beeps. the key is to keep moving. progress is the goal! if you need a break, set the timer for that as well!

don't delay on decision making. give yourself a few seconds for each item. stay moving, quick yes or no choices. have three boxes handy-donate, toss, not sure-and decide where it belongs. let the 'not sure' box sit for a few months in a closet/garage. after that time, if you haven't used anything, donate it all.

these are just a few nuggets of wisdom
i found in the april issue of woman's day.
do yourself a huge favor, go get a copy,
get inspired and get started!

what are your tips for dealing with the clutter beast?


  1. I'm not a "keeper" I'm a "tosser" which drives my husband CRAZY because he likes to keep everything. But, I've been known to toss things that I will need again.... so then we have to buy it again. Also, I didn't hold onto anything from when my kids were babies. All I have are pictures and their baby books.... none of the toys, clothes, etc.

    One thing I do to help combat clutter is follow the "everything has a place" rule. I tell the kids that if something doesn't have a home... it's own place, then it belongs in the trash.

  2. we've just started packing for our move next month, i'm tossing (or donating) ALOT. and i love it. so freeing.

  3. I agree with Jessica. So liberating. I have a pile of white trash bags loaded with stuff in my dining room. Yeah, it's a good look! Love your blog by the way! :)

  4. suchhhh a fan of the declutter.

    working on it right now - however the decluttering is making the clutter pile up while getting ready for a garage sale (with the johnsons) - but once that is over, the rest is hitting the goodwill or the dumpster! so excited to minimize my junk!

  5. I do like de-cluttering. But, I struggle with the emotional attachment to things.
    Just this past year, I have let go of SO much STUFF that I had been holding on to. Some of the things were dear to me. When I would get them out, they would stir up such sweet memories. But... The only time I would get them out was when I was trying to de-clutter. The things were never used. What a waste.
    It is also hard for me to get rid of something when it was a thoughtfully given gift. I think, "but it was so sweet of so & so to give that to me." I am learning...