Friday, March 11, 2011

it's been a long week

poor elijah grey has a double ear infection and a respiratory virus. patrick and i have gotten so little sleep that we can barely keep our eyes open. praise the lord, last night elijah slept all night long in his own bed. he has been an exhausted, clingy and cranky wreck. super pitiful. bless his heart.
even so, i have managed to keep my list on the forefront of my mind. still trying to decide action plans for a few things and happy to have the goals!

andrea issued a challenge for this week to "look good, feel good". looking good every day is one of the things i love most on my list. as much as i love showering in the morning, drying my hair, getting dressed and picking out earrings etc...there have been way too many pj days. no more shall this be! i was thrilled to accept the challenge, to look good, so i can feel good, every day this week. (this was actually pretty tough this week with sickie magee being so needy)
so, today, on her beautiful blog, four flights of fancy,
andrea has a link up so we can share
how the challenge went for us!
{thanks, andrea!}
now, this week was kinda rough, so no manicures or pedicures,
 i didn't even shave my legs:)but! just "getting ready"
each day really helped me survive this week.

hello. my name is hannah-i am really self conscious right now. photos of myself are a rarity. i don't remember ever loving myself in pictures, but mostly since my accident i really am uncomfortable with the camera. likely, it is just because it is my own face, but i feel like my scar looks much worse in photos. and i am certain that i look especially big in photos--maybe i should take more of myself to encourage my thirty-one pound weight loss goal!? whatever. i am a grown up now, and i need to get over myself. so, here is my face, just a bit of makeup. nothing fabulous, i don't even own a concealer. mascara is really all i want-for my wimpy eyelashes:)  
these are my sweet aqua mum and pink disco dot earrings from angel face designs.
cute earrings make me feel good for sure!
instead of slippers:) i have been wearing shoes this week.
these are a fave pair, bcbg and purple.
i never find anything i like at tjmaxx,
but last year, bam, i met these and adopted them.
i'd like to add to the "look good, feel good":
smelling good. oh yes.
i love perfumes.
this was a sample from a sephora order. oh. my. word.
LOVE! i've worn this and my other favorites this week.

i have looked good-
although not fashionable or fancy-
and felt good this week.
and sunday, i can start all over again!

what do you do to "look good, feel good"?


  1. I love your purple shoes (and your sweet face, which I have missed very much, so thank you for the picture)!
    My only perfume is Champs Elysses by Guerlain. (or however you spell it.) It's flowery and light and pretty, and Colin can tolerate it. It's my favorite way to feel more than merely human!

  2. cathy! i miss you too!
    i wanna find that fragrance to try, sounds like I'd like it.
    (also, i am planning to snag a copy of that peggy bracken book-looks fun!)

  3. I love those shoes...beautiful color. And I need to be better about perfume too. Quite honestly I always forget to to do it, but it does make you feel pretty, doesn't it. I only own 1 bottle of perfume, but I actually own a bunch of those little samples. good idea to actually get some use out of them! thanks for linking up and lady, you do LOOK GOOD! :) XOXO

  4. I love that you FINALLY posted a pic of yourself! I noticed it on Twitter was like "oh! so THAT's what she looks like!" Pretty, pretty lady with pretty earrings and shoes. I bought some new shoes today... was wearing the same brown flats for SIX years.

  5. I love all of these pictures! Also, TJMaxx used to be much better (like 5 years ago). Used to be AWESOME STUFF there all the time. Sigh. Great score on those shoes though! And I love the earrings too :)

  6. You're so pretty! Oh, you do NOT wanna see me without concealer. I'm envious of your concealer-free undereye area. Mine are pretty much a permanent shade of plum.

    I think I "looked good" twice this week, and I did probably feel better...but it's so much work! Especially when I'm not going anywhere. Sigh. I've let myself go. It's official. ;)

  7. I really liked this post. You don't have many pics of yourself on here so it's good to see your face. I also like how you said you need to get over yourself. I feel the same way at times too.
    And I love the earrings and shoes!