Thursday, March 24, 2011

i need a minute

although i enjoy giving myself a pedicure,
i much more enjoy getting one at a salon.
it's just better when you get the whole relaxation shabang.
i don't have to do anything but pick a color.
it has been over a year since i've gone "out" for a pedicure.
i intend to go today.
i need a minute, a little bit of pampering, just to get away.
my life is beautiful, but a refreshing break
from the routine is a must right now.
so, thanks to my husband being home today,
i am off to check out a new place for a pedicure!
obviously, this trip will include a starbucks run. for reals.

let's just pray this turns out better
than the last time i went for "me time".
i went for a haircut at a supposedly super awesome salon downtown...
it was awful, the girl attacked my head with the scissors, even poked me in the face!
the entire time i was dying to get out of there...
not how you want to feel when you go have some time out for yourself. pfft.

what have you done to "get away" lately?


  1. Oh, that sounds sooo nice. I've been craving a pedicure day (starbuck's included!) as well. Enjoy!

  2. I went to Target the other day and picked out an armload of clothes to try on. At first I was rushing through everything and then realized I didn't have the kids with me or have anywhere else to be... so I took my time. And I bought an outfit for spring. I've only had a pedicure once and really enjoyed it! I hope it turned out better than the hair salon debacle.

  3. Love your "scheduling me time" my pedicure was from Elite Nails across from good ol' Pier 1 :) they did a really good job! My me time lately has been during nap time with a cup of coffee (1/2 full of my favorite creamer now available year round yea peppermint mocha)while I keep up with #4 on my list-learn more about blogging!

  4. guh! i love those colors.
    lately i've gone a little out of my way to pick out perfect "basic" pieces for my wardrobe.
    it makes picking out clothes easier and much more timeless. but i'm always down for a mani/pedi ;)

  5. Enjoy your "me time" - so awesome. I got a pedi about a month and a half ago after not getting one in almost a year and a half. since its winter its still in pretty good shape. it makes me have an "ahhhh" moment everytime i look down and see my shiny coral toes! :) (kind of like the color you have up there - is that what you are going to pick?)

  6. I remember taking you to the mall after you first moved to Salisbury... and you wanted your hair cut... I thought... ok

    til I saw the looks on the faces of your family members!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have some great memories... we took you to the beach... helped you have blood taken... I miss you

  7. WENDY!! oh lord, the times you helped me through!! xoxo miss you too!

  8. I'm wearing Clemson orange on my toes, and it makes me hopeful that I might survive my screaming boy. I don't know why Clemson orange = hopeful, but that's out there now.
    I hope your pedi was lovely, and you are refreshed in heart and in feet.

  9. How was it? how was it?!

    I'm planning to get some pampering for my birthday - I've never done the salon thing before, but I feel like I deserve it this time.

  10. the pedicure-and the manure i decided to get too-were amazing! I couldn't believe how wonderful and perfect(and cheap) it was! hooray!

    dasha-you must go! tell your gift givers;) to give designers edge $$ they are the most expensive there, but it's the BEST/CLEANEST place in town. you'll love the royal treatment, you need it, mama!! (everything is so cheap here, my pedi was less than half the price as in Maryland and exactly the SAME fancy stuff!)

  11. glad you enjoyed it! you deserve it, girl!

    and thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check it out ;)