Wednesday, March 23, 2011

five-o-rite {letterpress}

i adore letterpress.
prints, calling cards, invitations, stationery-all of it.
bright, neutral, bold, subtle-any of it.
here are just a few goodies from the letterpress drooling i've done the last few days:

a sweet heart greeting from cleanwash letterpress.

kick it old school with this greeting card from steel petal press.

this sassy card would be perfect for your mom.
well, maybe not your mom, but my mom would love it!
pick one up from mitchell and dent.

i love this print, by gemma correll via blush publishing.
it's a fiesta of delightful little details, i just love it!
can you spy the adorable little bees?

this, my friends, was the story of my life.
where was this card when i needed it?!
check out sapling press for this and more
clever letterpress treats.

what fun finds have you loved lately?


  1. Ha! That card was awesome - I needed a laugh this am! How is life up there?

  2. you are right--I DO love the goodness gracious card--very cute!

  3. thanks, ladies!!

    laura- life is great, struggling to figure out my two year old though;) and thankful we didn't get the ten inches of snow they called for yesterday!!

  4. hahaha i love that last one! i could tell some stories...

  5. That last one is so funny and true! Need to get that one and pass it out to all my family members:-)

  6. YAY! I was able to comment!!! Don't know how it happened by I hit the right button somewhere;)

  7. Hmm. Seems to be the difference between firefox and Safari. Firefox won't let me post on yours or anna H's. Safari will(?)

  8. adorable, hannah! and i DO spy the little bees! that's my favorite one.

  9. Thanks for introducing me....Ive never heard of letterpress. Love the last one because that happened to me SO many times in highschool...

  10. you'd probably love these!

  11. sienna-sweetharvey is a fave!!

    thanks, y'all for dropping by today!! xo

  12. These are awesome! I especially love the boom box and the ampersand!

  13. OOOooo! I love that Gemma Correll card. Wow!
    I,too, am a lover of letterpress.