Sunday, March 13, 2011

elijah grey's asleep and i'm thinking

thinking about how exhausted i am
from mothering this energetic bundle of joy!
thinking that i wouldn't trade him
for a bazillion hours of sleep.
thinking about how i was once a social butterfly.
thinking that staying home and playing with elijah
is one of my very favorite things to do.
thinking about how heavy my heart was
with the desire to be a mother.
praising jesus for this incredible first adoption.
thinking about how i once longed for him to eat real food,
i was so curious what his favorites would be!
realizing now how much i miss holding him
as he drank from a bottle,
he was the slowest eater of all time.
i'm laughing at how non-stop busy he is,
he used to be called "chillest baby ever"
as he just sat quietly, taking it all in.
i'm thinking now, as my baby big boy naps,
that i couldn't have picked a more perfect boy for us;
god sure found us a diamond! i love him,
my heart is bursting with gladness, can't believe he's ours.
lord, thanks for giving us watch over this darling son of yours.

elijah's second "gotcha day" is this thursday
{also st. patrick's day, a fave holiday of mine!}.
two years ago, a judge declared us a legit family of three.
to celebrate this year,
i am picking up a few of elijah's favorite things to giveaway.
so, stay tuned, see y'all soon!


  1. I'm jealous that he uses a blanket like a normal human being. He's utterly precious and kissable!

  2. Happy "Gotcha" Day! Will we get to meet this sweet little guy in September? (You are traveling with your family... right?)