Thursday, March 31, 2011

easter basket

isn't this cute?! i ordered this from sew gracious.
it'll be elijah's easter basket, year after coming year.
i'm looking forward to filling it the easter bunny coming!

up until a few years ago when i was a kid,
it was always a treat to hunt and find our easter baskets.
our baskets weren't baskets at all though. they were old fruit crates(or something) and they were big.
we four kiddos each had our own box, painted yellow by our mama. she painted little easter-y scenes
on each side of the crates, and even our names on one end. these easter boxes are special
to me and my brothers and sister.
some years there may only be a bit of candy, hidden underneath your standard plastic stringy eatser grass. many years though, there was some kind of jackpot item, like a movie, set of books,
nail polish, hair accessories...
a few years we passed easter and got our boxes as "spring boxes".
likely to help focus on easter's real deal, and partly because the candy is on sale after easter:)
my mama is a darling, thrifty soul!
looking back, our boxes were rarely filled
with anything "special".  
because my mama picked out
little fun goodies to surprise us with:
they just were special.

last year i made a little basket for elijah,
just to get by until i made or found a better one.
i have found one,
and i can't wait to make it a part of his easter traditions!

do you celebrate with easter baskets?


  1. We do. We hide ours just like my parents used to do for us. His basket is adorable, by the way!

  2. Did you noticed that the new Easter basket pic matches the picture of your last post (the magazine article). I just noticed that... it's the OCD in me. ;)

    You are such a good mom! You want to know what my kids use for Easter baskets? Plastic sacks. Fancy, huh?

  3. love! yes, having a durable easter basket to last you year to year sounds like a good idea... and investment ;)

  4. love that basket. great choice. etsy has the best finds! :)

    grew up with a new (but cheap) basket every year, til i was about 10. then we got one really nice basket, and the years after that we just reused that one. i still love it (and it was huge).

    so fun that you are starting a new tradition with your little guy!

  5. Hey! We are trying to decide what we will do this year :-> Celebrate even when he doesn't know anything or understand yet? or wait till next year!

    FYI, Milan has something in that same print... a changing pad, lol!

  6. I like the crate idea! I've got some in my garage! i should paint them, too.

  7. this is too cute, I love the print - it's so you! (and Elijah, I guess :) it's not like he has a choice - hehe

    Can't wait to start our lil family traditions too! (reading some good books given my very special friends before bed is going to be one of them ;)