Tuesday, March 01, 2011

coffee break

take a coffee break-tea, diet coke, or a milk and girl scout cookie break-and check out a few of my favorite blogs! there are certainly more that i check often (daily or more!), but today wanted to share a tiny peek into the encouragement and inspiration i enjoy through the old internet machine...
kelle shares beautiful photos and her life is an inspiration.
love is love. her perspective on life and love for orphans is soul stirring and encouraging.

 rachel is ADORABLE and delightful-a kindred spirit really.
i visit her blog daily and am without fail built up and encouraged!
sugar mama is a sweet and super helpful daily read. honesty, wit and delicious recipes can be found here!

do you have favorite blog reads?
do tell!!


  1. I, too, enjoy "Enjoying the Small Things"...the others are new treats, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Well, due to my general incompetence, I lost everything I wrote before...here it goes from memory. Hopefully you didn't get the previous comment, because then you'll realize how cheesy I am.
    I wanted to say that, well...my favorite daily blog fix happens to be....THIS ONE! And you are very silly when you say that your blog doesn't have all the bells and whistles, because have you looked at mine lately? HA HA! I think ONCE I deviated from the normal blogger backgrounds, and felt so techno. Anyway, it just occurred to me that I can follow your blog - for all my super-current and progressive ways, I have never followed anyone's blog before. I hope it's fun. And don't worry about not doing the twitter thing - I have an account since a year or so ago, and I don't do mine either. And since you and I are some of the most revered and relevant people in the world, I think non-tweeting will soon be all the rage. AND, I also wanted to say that I feel like a super dumb-buttOCKS for not getting that little book to Linnea on time for her book shower (which sounds a little painful) - it looks like it was SO sweet and cute, and you know, sometimes the best events aren't ever captured on camera because you were too busy enjoying them, so I say it's a GREAT sign that you don't have a bunch of pics. When she gets our book she can just think of it as "second breakfast" - you get that reference, right? I know Jared would :) I said more than this before, I think. Ok, well, this has been fun - love you! - L

  3. laura, i love you.

    thanks for all the encouragement!
    second breakfast is mine AND linnea's favorite part of the day i think:)