Tuesday, March 01, 2011

a beautiful night and a lesson learned

last night, i hosted a little book shower
for my sweetie sister linnea.
what's that? you want to see photos? yeah, me too. but i really only have these two you see below. pfft. the other few are a mess because i am such a dang newbie and was trying to pick a setting...the other photos were never even taken because i forgot (i am a dang newbie and not used to having a camera that i actually enjoy using) and was writing down received gifts and yappin my head off-and drinking coffee and eating cupcakes...I AM SO UPSET.
october. that is when i started collecting things and ideas for this party. my sister is my favorite person,
i don't even have a photo of her at her shower!
i have no photos of the awesome books that little ivy received.
no photos of guests.
no photos.
*crying like a baby* 
the only good news is that i do believe that
a big lesson has been learned:
{PAY ATTENTION}wear my camera, and make everyone else do stuff so i can take pictures of special events. (side note, the extra super dumb thing is that i have a sweet new camera strap and was so excited about it, and i still forgot to take pictures! bleh.) i need to just continue to get accustomed to having a decent camera and taking photos.
i mean, i never want to be, nor could i be, a photographer,
but i do enjoy capturing people and things i love with a photo.
so, moving on. in the midst of my anguish of course...

 i loved seeing all the fun books friends gave as gifts!
(i gave my favorite children's book! also, children's books are one of my very favorite things on this earth!) i added books, vintage and new to the decor to help tie things together a bit.
the colors were mainly green and plum,
with a few pink and white accents.
festive tissue poms in plum, green and pink
were hung just right. 
the green polka dot treat cups were fun to assemble!
i found purple and green fruit slice candies and chocolate covered blueberries at our local chocolate shop.
green(pear) and purple(island punch) jelly bellies were added in for extra matchy matchy-ness. 
cupcakes with dainty pinwheels and other treats were served, and for drinks blackberry izze and sprite with green and white striped paper straws. it was fun to put everything together! my mama made the cupcake icing for me(and watched my toddler so i could prepare!), best buttercream you've ever tasted;)
a few ivy lane:) trivia questions were asked and prizes awarded for the winners...and each winner got to pick a gift for ivy too! for another quick game, i had guests answer questions about children's books. like, "where did corduroy live?" "max wore a wolf suit and made mischief in what book?". it was fun!!
have i ever mentioned that i LOVE giving prizes as much or more as winning them?!
for favors, (i was thrilled to find miniature beatrix potter) books and hand candies, tucked inside plum striped treat bags. our guests were super sweet friends!
it was beautiful seeing everyone love on linnea and shower baby ivy with such nice things!
{even some dear out of town friends sent along darling book gifts!}
wow. my sister is a mama. wow.
happy tuesday to you!


  1. LOVELY!! I think you have a calling in life...now to make money doing it... :)