Monday, March 07, 2011

31 by 31: a list

well, here it is, the end of lazy livin'.
at least i hope it's the end.

the other day, after reading a blog post, i realized that i really don't have any big dreams/goals/challenges. i have thought about starting down a "path of purpose" many times before, it gets old(i get old) and i allow distraction and procrastination to take over my weary soul.
so far, the only things i have managed to be consistent in this year are keeping my house neat(barely), keeping my child clothed, fed and occupied(for the most part) and sticking to a daily(almost) devotion/bible reading plan. truth is, i want more.
i want more focus, more drive, more energy, more creative flow, more patience and just plain more out of this earthly life! thinking of this in an eternal way, how can i make changes that will bring glory to god? i know everyday, practical things(housekeeping, motherhood) were created by him and i can and should be seeking his glory in even the smallest of things daily.
so yes, i have dreams and desires, but what am i doing to get there? our family buying a home, adopting more children, becoming a better cook, making my health a priority...all of these things may seem small, but they are huge for me. for buying a home, am i doing all i can to help our family save money now? for adoption, am i creatively searching and saving for a new little kiddo to join us-i wanna be ready when god brings one our way! becoming a better cook, this requires branching out and practice on my part, why am i not? my health, i am basically healthy(hardly ever sick, never broken bones-except my nose), but between "female" issues and being super hypothyroid, i think i make a lot of excuses to myself rather than pushing myself to maintain a healthy weight and exercise level.
what should i do? instead of procrastinating even further, as i think of some radtastic grand scheme, i am making this list. habits, routines and tasks to help me get this life ordered. setting a goal, thirty-one things. setting a deadline, turning thirty-one december 17, 2011. some things on the list are a big deal. some are not so much. all are important to me. posting it here will serve as some measure of accountability.


1. lose 31 pounds. that makes my goal weight 174.
2. get. rid. of. all. clutter. if we don't LOVE it and use it, buhbye.
3. memorize scripture weekly. i have an app for that.
4. learn to make delicious from scratch soups. mom i need your ham soup recipe.
5. "look good" for my husband (and myself!)every day. hair did, face painted and no jammies.
6. out of bed by 7:00am. i HATE mornings, but must maximize my day!
7. read and use my camera manual. i want to take better photos.
8. research adoption laws/requirements for my state. be patient.
9. take a walk every day. guess i'll get creative with this during winter weather.
10. have more company. i am such a hermit sometimes.
11. visit the library every week. good for me and elijah!
12. a weekly date with patrick. even if it's just a visit to the coffee shop.
13. develop a better method of food shopping. even with my list, i get stressed!
14. stick to the budget. find what really fits our needs and stick to it!
15. write more letters. everyone loves snail mail.
16. sing every day. i've noticed my voice is super weaksauce lately.
17. expand my dinner menu. i have lots of cookbooks and i just neglect them.
18. meet everyone in my apartment building. everyone likes being greeted by their name.
19. read radical. i bought it months ago. must. read. now.
20. read rid of my disgrace. i bought it and i know there is stuff i need in those pages.
21. learn to make a cheesecake. send me your best recipes!
22. be able to do ten push-ups. sounds weak, but i can't do ANY now.
23. take a facebook break. i may begin again at thirty-one, but doubtful.
24. learn/relearn card games. any i should go for first?
25. go to a blog meet-up. hoping to start with blog sugar!
26. create a fun and functional wardrobe. i am a mess. and losing weight means a fresh start!
27. have fresh flowers in the house each week. i need this badly.
28. get my passport. yep, the last time i was out of the country(and only then canada and mexico) it wasn't needed. i wanna be ready for any opportunity that arises!
29. finish elijah's baby book. get it organized and caught up.
30. get involved in a bible study. a new one begins at church soon, but maybe there is even somewhere else i would find a great one?
31. be cheerful and encourage my husband and son all day every day. i am too often a nag.

and by the way, how is it i am turning thirty-one this year anyway? sheesh!


  1. These are really neat goals, Hannah. I'm challenged by some of yours, too.

    Regarding shopping/groceries/cooking, I started doing something in December that has proved valuable and convicting.

    I clip my grocery receipts to the fridge and then? I ADD THEM UP at the end of the month. Actually knowing, to the penny, how much I spend on groceries has been tremendously helpful in our equilibrium.

    Also, I keep a list of groceries that actually wound up in my cart and then move that into a list of meals and dishes that I actually know how to make, and which night gets which meal.

    Being deliberate helps me; I'm not as good as I think I am about being spontaneous.

  2. wonderful! thanks!
    and i have just realized i don't have your email address! please send it my way! xo
    (walkthruflames at gmail dot com)

  3. Love it hannah. I have been setting monthly goals on my blog aka:momma missions. It is the first time I have EVER set (in writing) goals for myself. Some I accomplish... Some I don't. I am thinking I should just "control C/control V", plus add a goal, and I have a great list for 32 by 32! :) I can relate to everyone.
    I wish ND was a much closer so you could join us for our bible study! We are doing our last chapter in Nehemiah this friday. to get my house cleaned up. My mom is coming over for dinner.

  4. can I get the HTML for your "Devotional Bits Button"??? I would love to add it to my blog! My email is! Thx!

  5. awesome list!! get that passport, lady - travel is the best :D and i feel your pain ont he grocery shopping and neglected cookbooks

  6. thanks, ladies! i am excited to tackle this list!

    pilgrim, i DO need the passport, I totally need to visit Australia! woopwoop!

  7. great list, very aspirational but also very achievable. I am a nag too and am really trying to work on it :(

  8. Hannah!!!!! LOVE LOVE your list! Mine would read almost exactly the same and I NEED some motivation! Since becoming a stay at home mom (OMG 8 months ago)I have barely gotten out PJ's let alone put on makeup! Spend way too much @ the grocery store and have yet to read The Help a book I've heard GREAT things about. I know there are no excuses but this weather in ND doesn't help matters! If you didn't know I follow your blog I hope you do now-I have gotten some great ideas from it so Thank You! I only wish I knew a little more about blogging (maybe something to add to my list) I miss you and your little man hope you are well :)

  9. Hey...blogger isn't working. One girlie is in an extended time out & I'm feeding the other one. :) So I'm catching up on the History of Hannah! ;)

    How's this going btw? I feel like I could have written this list almost!!!

    Have I ever mentioned....I LOVE you!