Tuesday, February 08, 2011

this and that

yep. i am still here. i am super busy though.
not exactly able to pinpoint what takes up all of my time
{other than the obvious, my happy and completely mischievous two year old .
my parents are still in town, my sister is recovering well from her c-section, and best news, my niece ivy lane went HOME today! praise the lord!
my dad celebrated his old man birthday,
really fifty-four seems quite young to me,
maybe because i am thirty and feel so young :-)
patrick works today through next tuesday. blech. 
we leave for our long-awaited vacation to CALIFORNIA next wednesday night. i. am. excited. !!!!! having never seen the pacific ocean, disneyland, or my cousins two youngest kiddos, this will be a trip of new discoveries and beautiful memories made. it thrills me to spend time with my darling and hilarious husband, and my wild beastie boy. admittedly, the unknown of being in an airplane with elijah has me the slightest bit uneasy. pray for us! we have a direct flight, less than four hours, so he can't get too out of hand, can he? anyway, no matter if the flight is a breeze, or a disaster, it will be an adventure for our little family to treasure for all time. heh.
i guess i really should start organizing our life into pack and travel mode. or i could wait until the last minute!
(which i would never do, i would have a heart attack for sure!)
and friends, if you have any sage advice on traveling with the most active toddler on the planet, bring it on!!


  1. ahh his little face is soo so darling!!
    california!?! how exciting!!:) xoxo

  2. p.s. this time last year i was traveling to cabo with three 2 year olds on a plane. 4 hours. advice? ummm yeah, no advice. get a good nights sleep? hah!

  3. When we traveled with multiple miniatures, we gave them each a 'special' case (now probably a little backpack?) that they could not open until we were ON the plane. They loved carrying the case and wondered what was inside. Heh. Our kiddos loved having miniature pads of paper (little spiral ones), crayons, small stapler (how much fun is THAT?), scotch tape (that used to be a great stocking stuffer!), glue stick. Whatever would keep their little hands busy! Enjoy!

  4. chalice, pray sleep will happen for me:)

    Yes yes! I have thought of the tape, and have a couple goodies for "game day" only. Heh. Thanks for the tips, marianna!

    Growing up, we had special bags handmade by my mama! Most of the vacation anticipation, no matter the destination, was really just to find "what's in the bag THIS time?". good times!

  5. TONS of snacks and lots of little "surprises" to show him. Oh...and try to prevent eye contact with other passangers....last time we flew with our littleness there were tons of understanding people (obviously parents) and some that weren't quite as *gracious.* :) Best of luck to you.

  6. You're headed into my neck of the woods! I haven't flown with my little ones yet but I hear if you have something new and special for them to do every hour it keeps them occupied. I'd try the dollar bin at target. Good luck!

  7. YES! thanks, i have big plans for no drama, many treats are the key i see!

    adrian, maybe we'll see each other! look for me, i'll be the frazzled mama running after a three foot tall VERY excited boy:)