Saturday, February 26, 2011

a peek into our vacation

last week we had the blessing of a VACATION in california.
now, to be honest, we really need another vacation.
 although a supercalifragilistic fun time as a family,
 it was also *the* most exhausting time away i have ever spent.
in case you are wondering why so exhausting...
cue my two year old energizer bunny son.
 oh. my. word.
the flight to lax was a nightmare. elijah was tired, hungry and bored. he would not sleep, eat or play with anything though! grrrr. i was having some awful thoughts toward him  during the flight(from hell) and into the (sleepless) first night in our hotel. pfft. you know what? god reminded me that elijah is two. that pretty much sums it all up. additionally, disneyland managed to cure nearly all our woes.
praise jesus! (and thank you, happiest place on earth!!)
here are a few snapshots of our adventure in sunny-only rained a tiny bit while we were there-southern california!
it was absolutely beautiful,
walking along the streets near disneyland and our hotel.
yes. patrick and i are thirty years old. this was our first disney trip. hallelujah! sleeping beauty's castle. i was smiling before i saw it, but when i saw it, my face hurt from my grinning!! i think i even cried a little...
big thunder ranch restaurant in the park.
all you can eat bbq and the fixins-sweet, silly musical entertainment included!!
worth every penny, and elijah apparently loves bbq ribs,
almost as much as his papa:)
colorful and heartwarming, it's a small world ride really pleased me! it was a bit long for the boy though. he made it though-also, i am pretty sure patrick never ever wants to hear that song again...
california adventure park, oh boy, they have a bug's life land!
eeeep! so darn cute, elijah loved riding the roly poly bumper cars with papa!!
attention all kenneth grahame fans:
mr. toad's wild ride is the most fun ride!
you careen through the streets of london in a motorcar, and through toad hall. um, adorable!!
my darling cousin joel. haven't seen him
and his family for a few years.
they were a big draw to so cal.
safe to say elijah loves cousin joel and fam!
highlight of the trip-yes,
even higher than disney-my darlings, the wingos!
joel, ashley and their sweetie babies, zara, jude, ever and cruz.
i love these people!! such a huge treat to hang out at disney together, and in their cozy home. eat yummy mexican food, watch the kiddos be silly, and talk each others ears off. glorious!!
and this is how easy it is to toss elijah into a family photo:
lovely parks with lots of room to run and play.
elijah was thrilled to bits! and i was just fascinated with all the citrus trees everywhere.
we spent nights in downtown disney, dancing, eating ice cream, you know, livin' it up!
the night lights cannot be matched! what a treat to be able to visit, and with my dear sweetie husband
and crazy precious boy!
we can hardly wait to go back!
{and blog sugar is in september, a perfect reason-like i need one-to go back soon!}

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