Monday, February 28, 2011

hello, monday!

redeeming mondays is the way to go!
tonight i am hosting a little shower for my little niece, ivy lane.
{i will post about it soon!}
hello yummy treats.
hello sweet children's books.
hello, sweet sister, it is a delight to see you as a mother.
hello beautiful reminder! (from here)
hello super cute mouse ears:-)
hello vintage-y goodness from my fave little shop!
hello monday!

{what are you saying hello to?}


  1. I'm saying hello to work. (Like every Monday--ugh!) Hello also to: coffee, dissertation thoughts, and a lot of unanswered emails. Adorable baby! I'm planning a shower too for a sweet baby girl, but it's not for a few weeks.

  2. have a wonderful day at work-enjoy that coffee, I am on my third cup! I LOVE planning parties!