Monday, February 14, 2011

hello, lisa leonard designs!

hello, sweet necklace!!
behold! my darling husband gave me
this precious necklace for valentine's day.
i showed it to him a week ago,
when i discovered lisa leonard and her creative designs!
{what a sweet treat to begin a new week!}
through a friend's blog, mrs. no. 17,
i fell in love with this jewelry
and then lisa's beautifully inspiring life. what a blessing.
hop on over and read her blog!
reading her blog this morning, i decided to copy her "hello monday" series. what better way to begin a new week than with a positive greeting for the sometimes difficult monday!
so, this will be my first "hello" to monday post, and lord willing it will be a weekly happening!

hello magical new comfy insoles (from my mama!)
hello funny little t-shirt (from target)
hello happy little picture on my fridge (from here)
hello fourth cup of coffee

and hello, bloggy buddies! {and happy valentine's day!}


  1. Love the whole post! The 'hellos' AND the necklace!! So very fun.

  2. that coffee mug is the cutest!! thanks for all the fun stuff you post. i just love finding out about fun stuff out there. woo!

  3. Thanks, ladeez! (pier 1 usually has some super perfect mugs!)