Saturday, February 12, 2011

five-o-rite {house8810 edition}

just in case you haven't yet fallen in love with house 8810,
here's a wee taste of its eclectic goodness!!
swell potholders. i love their feminine design
and happy color scheme.
hello, mister boombap picnic box.
where have you been all my life?
i would have been one totally awesome girl
rockin' my lunch in this on school fieldtrips for certain!
get prissy with this super adorable pigtail kit.
every little girl needs one, in my opinion!
i know a precious lamb who needs this little lamb set!! 
for real, how cute is it?! i love the green! 
house 8810 has many fabulous dish towel designs!
(truly i love and WANT them all!)
these grandma towels are just peachy!
confession, i bought them for myself:) i normally would have chosen a brighter palette and funkier design first...but since i had to buy grandma sandals(darn my feet!!) i figured i'd start my collection with the sweet granny ones!

what are your faves from this sweet shop?
it is all my fave!
pssst...every order placed until march 1st
 receives a free pet rock it is so cute! FUN!


  1. In my new designation as grammy, I was curious to see the grandma sandals -- my dear friend, the description calls them 'sassy'...a better description of you than grandma!!

    Am I seeing a pigtail kit in little Ivy Lane's future?? She ALREADY has hair!

  2. Haha!
    I really love them! I just REALLY love some other (less comfortable) styles more:) mostly I call them grandma sandals because I FEEL like a grandma, only not a hip vibrant one-like you-but a rickety old achy whinypants one:)

    and for certain, ivy lane must have a pigtail kit! she must!! (they have a sweet "explorers" kit for boys too!) i want one of every product in their store!!

    p.s. marianna, i love you!!

  3. LOVE the potholders. I'm so very eclectic...I totally don't know what my "style" is....I guess traditional/ things to look "updated" but with coziness and charm. that pigtail kit is hilarious!

  4. most days i have a "vintage-modern" taste...and the rest of the time WHO KNOWS;)
    we need those pigtail kits!!

  5. Love love love! Especially those adorable pot holders.