Thursday, February 03, 2011

a few things

this is one of my favorite coffee mugs. it is a "bff" mug from my pal rachel. before i moved to north dakota, she brought it to me(we both "had to have" this mug when we saw it at pier 1) and i cherished it to bits, literally. it broke, well, actually patrick broke it. NO BIG DEAL. patrick is a sweetie and the only reason i mention him breaking it is because it is really funny and cute when he breaks things of mine, he is SUPER apologetic and charming...anyway...back on topic...the mug, rachel sent me a new one! just as adorable and perfect as the first. it makes me happy to sip my coffee with those little owlies all day!
EEEEEP! so york patties are high on my list of candy love.
 if these aren't in your candy dish, go get some!
the valentine's day ones...they are heart shaped
 AND have PINK mint inside!
i could munch and crunch these all. day. long. they kinda make me feel like it isn't deathly cold outside...kinda.


  1. I have a couple of special mugs as well...also from friends in Salisbury! We were some coffee-drinking maniacs, I think.

    Fun that york mints went pink for Valentine's Day. Not available here. Bummer.

  2. i am a coffee drinking fool! haha! looking forward to coffee with YOU again someday, marianna!

  3. i'm always looking for a good mug. they are a rare find (for some strange reason). most mugs are a little too big, or a little too small, or the wrong shape, or too heavy, or too thick, or not the right look, or who know what?