Monday, January 17, 2011

hello, goodbye

my brother jack was scheduled to arrive last night. he didn't. pfft. delayed until tomorrow morning, no biggie i guess:) really excited to see him!

i really have a lot i want to blog about, but just don't have time with company coming, a new niece arriving and partying like rockstars! SO, goodbye, well, until i post again. could be tomorrow or next week. just giving the heads up to check back for less consistent postings for a wee bit. stay tuned though, sweeties! i am having a little giveaway soon AND am expecting a new camera in the mail so PHOTOS. much love to you all. make a great week!

*please click the "praying for joanne" button to the right. joanne needs much prayer as does her dear family. the internet is a powerful thing, anyone and everyone connected, agreeing in prayer-awesome. thanks so much!*


  1. Enjoy these super-busy days, Friend. You just can't get enough family time, as near as I can tell. Definitely can't get TOO MUCH. Hugs to all.

  2. You have a good time with the bro! We will hold down the fort til you return!