Sunday, January 02, 2011

happy new year!

wow, i haven't posted since last year! farewell, twenty-ten! you were the fastest year yet! and once again, god was gracious and faithful to me and my little family:)

we had a beautiful, joyful christmas and the most uneventful new year's eve you could possibly imagine. i loved every second! a big treat was having my sister linnea and her husband home. since they were visiting maryland last year we experienced our first "alone" christmas. BLISS. anyway, this year it was super fun having ben and linnea over for festive food and fun! i got a few pretty sweet gifts out of them too, so i'm certainly keeping them in the family;) yes, even with near fatal stomach sickness that passed from elijah, to me to patrick, christmas was a magical day!

i had big plans for giveaways and glorious blog posts to end out twenty-ten. alas, being sick then recovering, and spending time with family proved best for me. SO, i will say that this year will be a fun year on the blog. photos will likely still be lame. i didn't buy a new fancy camera(yet), i caved into patrick's sony hd television desire instead. which, i must tell you, was a grand choice. our little tv was really a funny joke, with it's green and yellow alien splotches that randomly appeared on screen, usually right in the midst of an important scene of a beloved i ain't hatin' on the new tv, i love it! BUT, i still want/need a camera:) ahem.

well, you can tell that it's the year twenty eleven and i am still a rambler. will i ever change?

so, the blog, this year, i hope to write more, and post more fun stuff, and have plenty of giveaways to cheer all our hearts! weeeeeeee!

i have no grand resolutions, other than the usual of course:
read more scripture
memorize more scripture
eat healthier
lose weight
enjoy the little things
think before i speak
read more books
think of others more
serve others more
be the best wifey
be the best mama

what are you excited about for this new year?
{i'm excited to meet my new niece next month!}


  1. shoot your blog background is sO COOL.

    anyways- Your new years was PROBABLY more eventful than mine! I was in bed by 7pm and when I woke up for work at 2 and had a "happy new year" text from mom I was like "Oh yea...NEW YEARS!!"


    i love you!

    p.s. I am excited for 2011 because by the GRACE OF GOD I am going to be a mommy to a sweet sassy girl.

    I am also excited because I just think it's going to be a great year.

    also I am planning on taking lots of "portraits" with my new camera...I am going to have to practice on someone so it might as well be EG and you!

    love yaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. I can't wait to welcome another little boy and prove to myself (who is doubting) that I can handle them both! ...and maybe paint my kitchen red and my bathroom pink.