Monday, January 24, 2011

good times

jack was delayed so he arrived on monday rather than on sunday. no worries! we all had a fantastic visit together. it was totally freezing out most of the week, so a pretty relaxed time indoors was the basic activity. jack is hilarious and sweet. elijah thinks he is a super cool uncle for sure:) we are so thankful he could come and stay, see our funny little town, watch movies, laugh, eat, play...what a treat! i miss him so much!

i ordered a camera. yep. finally got a little dslr. super pleased...just need to learn how to use it. heh. ALSO, our computer has been a piece of junk for quite awhile now, and the space needed for my new photos just doesn't exist. i am really looking forward to getting pictures downloaded. like i said, probably need a new computer before that happens.

pfft. please send all monetary donations directly to me. thanks.

linnea and ben will likely meet their new baby girl this week! yeehaw! if all goes well, c-section is planned for this wednesday. pray for them! so. flippin. excited. {also pray i can successfully take many photos:)}

patrick and i are beside ourselves with excitement for our upcoming vacation to california! we'll see dear cousins, disneyland and have a grand old time as a family!

have you been praying for joanne? click the button in my sidebar for updates, she is breathing on her own now! praise jesus!

it was a glorious thing to have patrick home all last week and living it up with jack, ben & linnea. feeling a little down from the super high of it all. oh well, so thankful, back to the regularly scheduled programming it is!


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  1. Sounds like you had a great week...with more excitement to come this week! Hooray for a baby Taylor!

    I know how you feel when things get back to normal. Praying for you, sweet friend.