Monday, January 03, 2011

five-o-rite {fab fragrance edition}

whipped cream and winter pear
from victoria's secret beauty rush line.
wowie zowie. my sista gave me this set for christmas and i am in LOVE. it's a soft, sweet and dreamy scent. i want to wear it all day, every day...but it will run out...
and since it was a seasonal item, can i get more? :(
hope they bring it back this coming christmas!
if you are not on board with the magic that is philosophy, excuse me, but where have you been?! this unconditional love fragrance is my favorite. truth, i LOVE all their fragrances, but this tops them all in my book. it's a super rich sweet(i love sweet scents!), when i wear it i am all smiles, it is that magical!
daisy by marc jacobs. when i first saw this, i fell in love with the bottle!! then i thought, nah, i am not a floral wearing person. then i smelled it. oh. man. it is a floral scent, but just the right amount, mixed with bright fruity fun! light enough for everyday. i was tickled to get a mini with a purchase i made at sephora(happy birthday to me!). and guess what? the mini bottle has the cute daisy topper too! score!
another bottle design i went crazy over, twirl from kate spade. surprisingly, another floral scent that captivated my senses! the sweet watermelon, blackberry and currant really make this an elegant mix for my taste! it is a bit spicy, kinda like me:)
finally, hanae mori butterfly. years ago, patrick gave me this as a gift and it became my favorite fragrance! this unique scent is a soulful blend of berries and blossoms, the strawberry and almond tones give an impression of vanilla.
fascinating and beautiful! i LOVE it!

i hope you enjoyed my favorite "smell pretty" finds!
what are your favorites?
i always love discovering new scents!!


  1. Fellow MN mom and LOVE this blog!

  2. Will have to give some of these a sniff. Sadly sby doesn't have a sephora.

  3. Hannah I am a Philosophy girl! Love the Unconditional Love, Falling in Love, and my favorite is Amazing Grace!