Friday, January 07, 2011

a bit of light reading

ok, so that is not true at all, this is not a light read. however,
i felt it a must to pick it up and read away this week.

i don't remember when we acquired this book, but i did remember being greatly helped/hurt by reading it the first time.
{i love a good stab in my spiritual gut.}
i highly recommend it. purchase here or here.
here's a bit i read today, from page 84:

"so in all the joys of false christians, their eyes are on themselves.their minds are occupied with their own experiences, not the glory of god or the beauty of christ. they keep thinking,  "what a good experience this is! what great revelations i am receiving! what a good story i now have to tell others!" so they put their experiences in the place of christ.instead of rejoicing in christ's beauty and fullness, they rejoice in their wonderful experiences. and this shows itself in their talk. they are great talkers about themselves. the true christian when he feels spiritually warm and lively, loves to speak of god and christ and the glorious truths of the gospel. false christians are full of talk about themselves, the wonderful experiences they have had, how sure they are that god loves them, how safe their souls are,
how they know they will go to heaven etc."

let our JOY be not in ourselves, but in the JOY giver, CHRIST!

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  1. here's a real nice set of five paperbacks from moody that just came out last year. it makes edwards' brilliance even more accessable for ordinary mortals like me.