Monday, January 24, 2011

be my valentine! {giveaway}

congratulations to the winner,
valentine's day
valentine's day is a few weeks away,
but i want you to have a little treat early to help make it sweet!
you can win these adorable baking liners i purchased
from the birthday house on etsy!!
45 standard hot pink greaseproof baking cups!
fifteen each of: solid pink, pink gingham and pink polka dot!
45 mini red greaseproof baking cups!
fifteen each of: solid red, red polka dot and red gingham!
these will add an extra happy touch
to valentine's day baking and party FUN! 

1.follow my blog. click the "follow" button in my sidebar.
once you are a follower(or are already) leave a comment telling me so! a seperate comment, share your favorite
valentine's day treat! (mine are sweettarts hearts & dark CHOCOLATE)
please login or leave your name and email address, anonymous entries will not count!

this little giveaway ends this friday 01/28 at 11:59pm!
the winner will be chosen on saturday 01/29 using,
good luck!


  1. of course I follow you! My favorite Valentine's treats are Sweetart Hearts and a box of chocolate covered caramels!

  2. My favorite Valentine's treat is the candy that goes on sale the day after Valentine's day. (;

    I also like having someone special to spend the day with (that's a treat!) - chocolates & flowers are great too.

  3. I tried to post yesterday but being computer illiterate, something happened and no post. Will try now! I agree with Anna's post, and I would add anything CHOCOLATE is a treat for me. I also enjoy Dr. T's special champagne that I can never remember the name Ben and Linnea's wedding.

  4. Sue, it's Ballatore champagne <3

  5. Thanks, Linnea! I would have to add spending time with my wonderful family and wonderful friends is also a treat--on Valentine's Day--or ANY day! Miss ALL of you! So glad family is coming your way soon and staying over the next few months.

  6. Last year I had Hershey's Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Hearts. Yummmm

  7. Tulips make my day! And heart-shaped ANYTHING! And, of course, most everything is better coated in chocolate and served with coffee!

  8. Just started following :)

    Jenn in Georgia

  9. My favorite treats at Valentines? Chocolate-dipped strawberries!

    Jenn in Georgia

  10. Had to come here so that I "win" and Marianna won't. But it looks like I fun blog to follow anyway. Believe it or not, my favorite Valentine candy are the little hearts with the "sweet" words printed on them. I especially like the Christian version of them.

  11. I LOVE sweettart hearts too!! Those are my absolute favorite!

  12. yay! thanks everyone for entering, love meeting new friends and seeing old ones!

    congrats, escatellier, you are the winner of this giveaway!!

  13. Congrats! (Sorry you didn't win, Georgia!)