Monday, December 06, 2010

happy gift tags, happy christmas

oh goody!! lots of fabulous gift tags
to make your packages merry and bright...
check out today's post on paper crave, it is delicious!
here are a few of my favorites

do you buy gift tags or make your own?


  1. I use the the tacky FREE ones that come in the solicitation mail. ie. the disabled veteran's or the legless cat society. I also rip off the backs of old Christmas cards and use the front. I tape it on the package and just scribble "to" and "Love" on it.

  2. When I find my white cardstock--I'm "gonna make me some o'these here tags!"
    Thanks for the links Hannah--you the best!

  3. Hannah, Do you remember a link last week that you showed cupcakes with cut marshmallows on top in the shape of a tree? What was the link?


  5. ***ashamed***I write the people's name right on the wrapping paper on the gift--or make a tag from leftover paper--! I am so uncreative any more. BUT I do have some snazzy tags I can use this year--for some blessed peeps to receive (courtesy of sweet Hannah!).

  6. Hannah's THE best!! Thanks for the info!