Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DIY felt mistletoe {via somewhere splendid}

{i love this pretty project featured on somewhere splendid!!}

chenille stems
glue gun and glue
thin rubber band
2″ wide ribbon
¼” or ½” wide ribbon

Cut out branches according to the provided template. For a fuller look, cut additional copies of the smaller and medium sized branches.

Back each branch with a color coordinated chenille stem, securing the stem in place with hot glue. This will stiffen the branches and allow them to be hand-shaped for a more natural, wild look. Secure the longest branch to a length of 2″ wide ribbon with a rubber band.

Gradually add more branches by sliding each one under the rubber band. Position and hand-shape each branch to your liking, then cover the rubber band with the thinner width ribbon and tie in a bow to finish the look.

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  1. that is beautiful! wish it had posted is feeling strangely like it's already over! even though it most definently is NOT because i haven't even wrapped one gift yet!