Tuesday, December 21, 2010

christmas is coming

and somewhere a goose is getting fat...

here, i have been sick sick sick! BLECH! for real, friends, i thought i just may pass away these last couple of days. it has been years since i was hit this hard. praise the lord, i am feeling almost 100% now! good news, patrick was able to stay home from work and be a helper to me:) bad news, i have not made one single cookie or cleaned one single inch of my house. pfft. say a little prayer for me that i can get at least a few cookies made{how can i possibly let christmas come without gingerbread cookies!!?}!
we had a beautiful snowfall all day yesterday and into this morning, it is gorgeous! the temps are not as gorgeous, but whatever! christmas is near! JOY TO THE WORLD!

1 comment:

  1. Hannah! Me, too! Sick, sick! from Christmas Eve til Monday, but only feeling normal today. Missed it all. Hope your Christmas was nice, though!