Tuesday, December 07, 2010


as i sit here, enjoying the peace as elijah naps, i am trying to think of some challenge/goals for myself as my birthday approaches. you know, i need to have a fresh start as i embark on the thirties:) as i have mentioned before, i really feel like i need to do something, just not sure what. ideas? anyone? bueller?

also, i realized i never mentioned that my mama got me a sweet set of these books. they are just as magical and educational as i remembered! score!

i have plans to make cookie dough this week, freeze it, and commence the baking marathon next week. not exactly certain how or if all of this will occur according to plan(like right now, i'm using my free time to goof off online!)...not to mention i heard my sister-in-law baked 400 gingerbread cookies so now i feel like a waste of space...

my sister's baby shower was a great time this past weekend. her cute little friends really made it a sweet time! it was thrilling to see all the fabulous girly baby goodies she received...i canNOT wait to meet this baby!

the snow outside is beautiful! it's so nice out right now. and by nice i mean one degree and not too windy...

i hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. you have great posts--and not just because you say I am great! hah I am so happy when I click and see the new posts!
    love you