Thursday, November 11, 2010

thankful on paper {week two}

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this week's note was sent to my good pal,
william watson birch.
(doesn't he have a cool name?!)
years ago, billy and i became fast friends working at a christian bookstore. we talked and laughed, laughed and talked(and even worked a bit). we always loved inspecting/buying the new bibles and discovering amazing books (as well as totally awful ones). 
together we've enjoyed delicious lunches,
great music and terrific laughter.
we both love to read, watch movies and blog!
we both love pizza and chocolate milkshakes!!
now he lives in north carolina, i live in north dakota.

patrick and i keep up with him now mainly on facebook.
billy's friendship is a big deal to me because we have totally different theological views. i know others who simply cannot abide relationships with people who believe differently than themselves. billy is not rude, unkind, forceful or arrogant.
he is a great listener too!
we talk little about theology because i am right it
doesn't really matter to our friendship:)
what matters is that we get a kick out of life! by the grace of god we appreciate each other for who god has created us to be. we understand and love gospel basics, jesus and his word.
what a blessing to have him as a friend.
i'm not sure when i'll ever see billy again on this earth,
but i'm thankful i'll see him in heaven!

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  1. He does have a great name and apparently great friends in you and your husband!

  2. Yeah for friends with different theological views, huh? Great post!!

  3. I am usually "that" friend, the one with the different view and I can tell you the unconditional love feels very very good!

  4. very cool! it's so neat having people that we can appreciate, (and that appreciate us) despite different views.

  5. Isn't it great to have differencing opinions but being able to respect one another for it and still foster an amazing relationship?!


  6. Yay, for amazing friends that we can share our differing opinions with.
    Thanks for sharing :)