Thursday, November 18, 2010

thankful on paper {week three}

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this week, my thank you notes were mailed to my family.
i will just share a tiny bit, but you must know, no post could hold all the gratitude i have for these crazy awesome people.
 jack, pops, me, linnea, cindy lou, jared-2008
i wish i had more pictures of us to post, but they are at my parents house (1500 miles away).

jason and cindy
i love to shop hallmark for cards on just about every occasion. each time, i always end up getting a "funny" one or just saying screw it and making one myself. all the cards i see at the store are about "my daddy: you've always been my hero and my best friend, love daddy's girl" or "mom, since i was a little girl, you've been my bestest friend in the whole wide world, so glad we've always been so close" you know the cards i mean, right? maybe you can send them to your parents, i just can't.
i feel like a big fat liar pants.
i usually cry to myself,
"i wish we would have been like those cards".
my childhood wasn't awful or anything really, my parents did a lot "right" raising me. i just took them for granted, everytime something crazy happened in my life, i chose to hate them and crave distance rather than love them and seek their comfort. although i sometimes wish things could be changed about our past together, i'm actually thankful just the way it was. jesus restored our relationship! i'm thankful for the lessons i learned!
pops and mama, thanks for
keeping me fed (nobody makes better food)
clothing me (even the hand-me-downs were cool)
reading to me (you have the greatest voices)
teaching me scripture
modeling politeness and consideration of others
taking me to the park (i'm still the swing girl)
nurturing my imagination and creativity
being christlike examples
planning the most awesome
family vacations ever (i'll never forget them)
trying to teach me algebra (i never need it anyway really)
making me love history
consistent family bible times (even though i wasn't always a fan)
being honest with me
amazing holiday celebrations
taking care of me when i couldn't care for myself (surgery stinks)
teaching me to value my character rather than my things
giving me an awesome sense of humor
(i think we belong in britain)
showing me how to love and appreciate others,
no matter their color, status etc.
being faithful to each other (what a gift)
forgiving me rather than becoming bitter
loving my husband and son (they think you're swell)
pretty much everything. i'm so thankful for you.

my brothers and sister
these kids had it rough growing up. they had me for a big sister. even though i was often bossy and a big disruption to their life and happiness, we really have always been close. a special kind of close. both joys and sorrows have knit our hearts into this vivid crazy quilt of love. we are all opinionated, talkative, sensitive and witty. we have our own brand of humor (weird brand) and each of us has a distinct laugh-i think mine and jared's are tied for loudest/most annoying. they would often humor me and my plans for creative greatness, even if it was purely out of fear for their lives. we never really fought. we are all competitive, which means all games are fun. we get mad at the same things, glad at the same things, sad at the same things, but we are so different from each other. they've all been there for me. tragedy, triumphs, joy, sorrows, still there. they've chosen forgiveness rather than bitterness,
they love me!
jared, jack and linnea, i'm so thankful for you!

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven."
george bernard shaw

"Give thanks to the God of heaven,
for his steadfast love endures forever."
psalm 136:26esv

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  1. What a great post! thanks.I just love thankfulness, don't you? It is so encouraging to everyone involved!

  2. Wow, family is amazing and so important, huh?

  3. what would we do without our families, right?! cute!

  4. i love the quote about a happy family being an earlier heaven - just lovely, your family sounds just lovely too...