Monday, November 08, 2010

print write send

you can print these cute little cards for free!
print. write a note of thanks. send.


  1. I posted that recipe for you. :) I can't believe you liek peppermint patties too!! That is awesome. I would make you some for Christmas and send them to you, but they have to re refrigeratored because of the cream and butter in them. :(

  2. Hmmmm....considering ND weather, maybe they would make it...but there is that possibility of their sitting in a hot and stuffy storage room on the way out...I did read that an arctic blast is coming the weekend before Thanksgiving, and the weather service is expecting a stormy and cold December from the northwest to the northeast...of course if they are wrong 50% of the time as usual, that may or may not happen...well, you'll just have to make them when Patrick and Hannah and Elijah come to visit, which I am sure will be some time soon : > ) (well, I am wishful thinking here, but oh well...) Just rambling. Love all.