Monday, November 22, 2010

holiday helper

{ok, so thanksgiving isn't even here yet and all i can think of is christmas!!}

gracious me! take a peek at this beautiful
so many inspiring ideas to help with your holiday gift giving!

here are my favorites:
this "red dots" dinnerware from rosanna, inc.
seriously, look at that pedestal!!

fun holiday ornaments,
southern charm included, from paloma's nest.

yum yum yum!
peppermint bark smores, what a fun gift!
find these and more treats at sweet lydia's!

are you exchanging gifts this year?
who's most difficult to buy for?


  1. The most difficult to buy for are my husband and my best friend. Husband wants nothing and could care less...friend loves very specific things but has allergies to lots of things. Very difficult....

  2. Poor Thanksgiving it always gets the back seat. LOL, secretly I'm ready for it to be over... HELLO Christmas...