Tuesday, November 23, 2010

gobble gobble

what an adorable little graphic
courtesy of the darling pilgrim lee!
it would make a festive little placemat for the kiddos,
or even download the black and white version
and place crayons alongside.
be sure to tell her thank you for sharing our thanksgiving tradition
with us all the way over in australia!

as we approach thanksgiving day,
i am reminded of many past thanksgiving day celebrations:

the macy's thanksgiving day parade
the delicious food prepared by my family or friends
pinecone turkeys, construction paper pilgrim hats
the thankful chain, facilitated by my sister:)
football games
games with friends
pumpkin and cherry pie until i ache
anticipating the beginning of christmas movie season:)

mostly, i reflect on my darling family. i'm thankful for the family that god saw fit to place me in. my parents always modeled gratefulness in such a beautiful way to us all. my brothers and sister are such a source of joy to me*. i'm also thankful for the new family i'm a part of, as wife to my handsome husband and mother to my sweetie pie son!!
god is so faithful!

*well, now that i remember correctly,
they were also little pains in my neck...
one year i had meticulously planned a puppet show/play for our parents. the skilled actors i hired were none other than my joy bringing siblings. throughout the rigorous rehearsals, they performed wonderfully and made me swell with pride. what excellent kids they were! "this is to be the best play of all time!", said my nine year old self.
it's curtain time. parents assembled in the theater(living room), no doubt eagerly awaiting the masterpiece they knew we'd prepared for. we had barely begun our show when those turkeys(my brothers) started cackling and making up new lines, shouting, and making a fine mess of my play. i proceeded to freak out, i probably terrorized them for a few hours, i'm a bit fuzzy on that part, and was angry the rest of the night.
ahhh. thanksgiving.
what a blessing.

{today is the last day to enter my current giveaway!
i can't wait to pick a winner
and show you the final little thanksgiving giveaway!}


  1. NO?!(Shock and surprise) The two J-brothers wouldn't sabotage your Thanksgiving play?!:-) Why can my household relate to this. Trying to get two brothers to participate in an American Girl Doll Breakfast or dinner(Dress up, use manners). (They were eventually won out by the good eats;-)

  2. boys. good grief. :)
    (what WOULD we do without them?)