Tuesday, November 02, 2010

the giver

last friday night, elijah and i got bundled up
and strolled over to the empire arts theater.
we were off to listen to one of my favorite authors, lois lowry.
she was visiting and speaking here for a library event.
she even signed my favorite book, the giver
and also number the stars. i wish i could've snapped some pictures, but elijah was tired and squirmy-very well-behaved,
but squirmy and tired all the same:)
as an awkward thirteen year old girl, a friend's mom, mary thompson, told me about the giver and suggested i read it. i am so thankful she did!! i wish that i could put into words how much i love the giver and how it shaped my thinking about life and the sheer preciousness of it. alas, i cannot. if you've read it, then you know what i mean. if you have not, go grab a copy! i read this almost every year.
it is that good.
i'm so grateful i could hear her amazing stories and learn about her childhood and her passion for writing. what a neat lady. i was shocked to find out she is seventy three! she looked late fiftes max. wow.

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