Wednesday, November 17, 2010


the winner is comment #12, anna grace!
yippee! it's time for another giveaway!
{congratulations to last week's winner!}

here's what you can win this week!!

a sweet little set of holiday paper tapes!
i just love the scandinavian look
of the martha stewart crafts at michael's this year!
sooo, i got these for you!
decorative tapes are an obsession with me.
for accenting packages, picture frames, cards,
photo album pages, envelopes...ANYthing!
i know you have some little christmas gifts and/or projects that this tape would be wonderful for!

how to enter:
answer any or all of these questions in a comment below!
please login or leave your name and email address, anonymous entries will not count!

1. which do you prefer, giftwrap or gift bags?
2. ribbons, twine, festive tape, bells, ornaments...
what's your favorite package decoration?
3. do you send homemade or storebought christmas cards?

you can enter once each day with a fresh answer:)
until tuesday night{11/23/10}!
on wednesday{11/24/10} the winner* will be announced!

so, tell your friends! enter and enter again!
i'm so thankful for you!

*winner will be chosen randomly using :) 


  1. gift wrap, it makes it look like they took more time on it. But I am guilty of gifting in gift bags. I don't have time to wrap- ha.

  2. gift bags...I'm a momma of 2!!!
    I like to add all sorts of fun things to my gifts so it's more magical
    I prefer to send homemade cards, but haven't sent any at all in a while now...again, I'm a momma of 2 in 2 years!

  3. I prefer gift-wrapping w/ ribbons (curled at the ends). I've never really liked using bags. But, when you are in a pinch for time, they do just fine.

  4. bags are great when you don't have time! more later!

  5. I like gift wrap best because kids really enjoy tearing the paper open. I make photo cards each year.

  6. We send storebought cards. I like the look of gift wrapped gifts the best but bags are soo easy.

  7. 1. which do you prefer, giftwrap or gift bags?
    funky wrapping paper & big tulle bows. It's how I roll....

    2. what's your favorite package decoration?
    sometimes ornaments, sometimes candy canes- just depends on who its for

    3. do you send homemade or storebought christmas cards?
    Although technically, I design them myself, I order them completed. So I'll say storebought. I like convenience.

  8. I love wrapping with newspaper or used sewing patterns! I also found a bunch of really cute reusable grocery bags at Ross and I use those as gift bags with newspaper as tissue! The funny papers are great for kids gifts! I love variety under the tree!

  9. This Christmas, ideally, I'd like to wrap my gifts to Andrew in old Pilot charts with a bit of twine wrapped around for a vintage look. However, I don't have any pilot charts. So, I may just search for something nautical looking.

    I also like to put my gifts in boxes. It's so much easier to wrap!

  10. (Don't enter me in the contest because I am your sister and that is prize enough!!..but I still want to answer the questions.

    1. I DEFINITELY prefer gift wrap. I mean, there is NO CONTEST. I absolutely go crazy over wrapping paper. Especially Hallmark!! But you know sometimes I see like this PERFECTLY magical Christmas bag that is, like, $7.00 so I am like "In my dreams I would have that to give someone!"

    2. I like using the old fashioned shiny ribbon that you curl with scissors. Sometimes I tie on something if I have it available...who knows! I also like old fashioned sticky bows.

    3. Sure it would be cool if I made cards...but there are always so many storebought cards I think are amazing!! Migjt as well support the economy. But what I REALLY always want to get are those fancy photo cards from places like ---But I've never gotten those because they are pricy. But maybe one day I will when babygirl is here.

  11. I would love to do homemade cards.. they are so precious, BUT reality.. have to do the store bought or photo cards. Thanks for the post!

    What a handsome little boy you have! A special gift from God :)

  12. I used to always make my cards. A store bought card wasn't even on my radar for the longest time. But, now, I generally buy cards if I need one (depending on who it is for).

  13. I want to know where you find these sweet tapes!!! Maybe I can send homemade cards someday with some super cute tape like these on the envelope :)

  14. I love using real cloth ribbon and I make homemade cards. That tape looks quite fun!