Wednesday, November 03, 2010


the winner is
comment #19, sue!

my mama has a little thanksgiving tradition she is faithful to carry out with us four kiddos. each thanksgiving, she'll give us little happies to kick off the christmas season! fun little ornaments, quirky little wooden pull toys, festive dishtowels..the list goes on!
i don't get to do it every year for everyone, but i often see "the perfect little thing" that i want to give my hubby or mom or brothers or sister, to say
"THANKS for being awesome and MERRY CHRISTMAS!"
i've decided this year to give you a little happie, to say
"thanks for being awesome and merry christmas"!
each wednesday this month, i'll be offering up a little happie that you'll have a chance to win!
you can even enter multiple times!

here's the first giveaway!!
these beautiful and festive tags
are from the sweet harvey etsy shop.
measuring at 1.5" x 4.25" they're sure
to make your special gifts elegant and stylish.
i thought these tags were so wonderful
and bought them just for you!!

how to enter:
leave a comment below {super easy!}
please login or leave your name and email address, anonymous entries will not count!

extra entry if you follow my blog
{click the "follow" button in the sidebar to your right!}
then leave a separate comment
so your second entry is counted:)

you can enter once each day until tuesday night{11/9/10}!
on wednesday{11/10/10} the winner* will be announced!

so, tell your friends! enter and enter again!
i'm so thankful for you!

*winner will be chosen randomly using :)


  1. I hope I'm a winner! (The, AnnaP)

  2. Oh yeah, I'm the newest follower and number 15. W00t!

  3. just reregistered as a follower, because apparently I got the boot. :)

  4. these are very chic :-) just like me!

  5. Well, I love free giveaways, and I've had you on my list to write a snail mail letter to for MONTHs and I will get to that SOME day, but for now I will tell you that I love you, we love you, I miss you, we miss you, and I am praying for you , and we are praying for you--and thanks for the opportunity to enter! I hope to get you the letter soon....

  6. I pushed follower; who knows if I did it right, but we will see!

  7. Day two... looks like the competition is heating up!

  8. You bet it is, Anna! :) I love your post on Melanie, Hannah! You are so right, and I feel the same way. I know she will love getting a note from you!

  9. Since 11/10 is my berfday I'm feeling lucky!! Love you!

  10. Day three... come on pick me!

  11. Oh, does the comment have to be HERE every day? I thought it was a comment anywhere on the blog, like up above on the newer entries....well, I'm entering now...have a great Friday, everyone! Hey, Anna, is that fudge gluten free? yummmmmmm

  12. Thanks, Hannah! This is fun! You are sweet to do the giveaway!!

  13. Wow. I missed a couple days' entries but here I am again! Love you! and love all the wonderful posts up above that you have added since I have visited. You are so encouraging, inspiring, exhorting, and fun! Keep it up, please! I need to hear it all. Love you!

  14. One last entry! Who will win? This is sooooooo exciting!

  15. I'm following the leader, the leader, the leader...

  16. congrats to #19...SUE!

    {good luck everyone on the NEW giveaway!}