Tuesday, November 02, 2010


click here to see more five-o-rite finds:)

 isn't this a cheery christmasy garland?!
i just love it and can totally picture it in my little home!
buy this garland here!
 charming little coin purse, love the bright yellow!
its handmade on etsy is where it's at.
 what a wonderful idea!
this typewriter key makes a snazzy charm
to wear around your neck.
check this and other quirky type key finds at
 pretty and cozy, these darling slippers from jcrew
are calling my name!
these fun vintage look roadster reindeer christmas cards
are too much!
how happy would you be to receive one of these? 


  1. awwwww roadster reindeers!! so cute! thanks for keeping the dream alive. i'll do another five-0-rite sooooon

  2. i love the roadster reindeer!! {and all fred flare! ha!}

    five-o-rite rocks, and has a happy home here:)