Sunday, November 28, 2010

deck the halls

we enjoyed a simple and quiet thanksgiving this year. elijah has been sick this week, flu like thing, and it is bitterly cold out so at home we stayed! ben and linnea were able to drop in for a cozy dessert later that day. such a blessing to have them close!
christmas will be here before we know it! i have collected a tiny amount of gifts to give so far, you now, only what my tiny budget allows:) we chose not to "black friday shop" since elijah was sick AND there really wasn't anything screaming "buy me" this year. i did however, hit up a few super sweet online my jammies...with pumpkin paradise coffee in hand. no crowds. no noise. just peaceful clickety clicks of my mouse, scooping up goodies for my niece and nephews;)
{we drew them for gift giving this year!}
speaking of, WOW do i miss those cutie bugs!

it's time to start decorating the homestead. and by homestead, i mean small apartment, with no yard. i just love a beautiful outdoor lights display, but i'll just have to look forward to that in my future homeowner life. we put up our funny little tree last night!! and by funny, i mean artificial and scrawny. i so love "real" trees, but no can do here. pfft. BUT we are making the most of what we CAN do! last year we loaded the tree with several hundred lights. guess what? ALL of my lights are no good this year. pfft to the max! i'm not sure what i was thinking, i bought a box of one hundred last week, well, it looks pitiful. of course, i want hundreds more, but we'll just get a bit more for now, and stock up after christmas. SO, this year, our tree will be a bit less bright. thankfully, we have an abundance of fun ornaments to give it some life and sparkle.
wondering how much elijah will be trying to UNdecorate the tree once we get it finished...

hop over to angela's blog, she has posts here and here where you can see her house all decked out for the season! {some very festive and inspiring ideas!}

this morning, i brought out my christmas glasses and hope to get the rest of my dishes switched out soon. if i had energy to accompany my motivation, well that would be grand! an adorable christmas table runner is sitting by my sewing machine, waiting to be finished-napkins too! i'm starting to think about cookie baking...gingerbread and pinwheels etc., also hoping to try some new recipes!

have you decorated for christmas yet?
do you get a live tree or use an artificial?
and what's your favorite christmas cookie?

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  1. Ironically, my most "fashionably" decorated trees haven't been my favorites. The ones when we were first married( hand-me-down trees), or the ones with kid-made decorations have been my favorite.
    We go back and forth from artificial to real. We are currently on real b/c we want a tall tree for our tall room and we never think of buying an adequate size tree ON SALE after Christmas! But it is a nice tradition that Bill and Rach go out together to choose(argue over) a tree together:-) This year they chose on the fly but it looks like it'll be a good one.

  2. Yes! The "kid" ones are best, that is really what ours is like now:)