Saturday, November 20, 2010

advent wishes

i've always been a fan of the "christmas countdown".
growing up, our family had a fun little handmade calendar. it was a little house, with a bear family. the house had lots of little festive rooms and each day we moved a little bear to a new spot in the house. eventually there were four of us children, so we happily took turns. on december first, we'd figure out who'd go first and also calculate it so that i could move it on my birthday:) (the seventeenth was a clock in a little side room of the bear house.) if you saw this little calendar today, you may only see cheap little fabric panels sewn together and a ratty little bear with a tiny velcro bit on his back. but to me? i see CHRISTMAS IS NEAR!

we have a fun little cookie sheet with cookie magnets (a gift (from hallmark) from my parents last year!) that i'll put on the fridge to countdown...but i really want a legit little countdown/advent calendar!!

here is one on the very top of my wishlist.
now, in my fantasy life, i'd make my own like this,
with fun personal singer family touches.
also in my fantasy life, it wouldn't take me six years to finish, like it would in my real life.
i'd love to fill it with little candies and little kitschy treats for elijah to discover each day:)

here we have a more likely "make my own" project.
the sisters at eighteen25 made this from a shoe organizer!
it looks simple and fairly inexpensive to create. alas, a next year project. i just do not have the patience or energy
to do even a tiny project this year.
maybe you have time to be crafty!?
click here, grab your kiddos and create away!!

and finally, we have the handy dandy paper flip the flap style!
i purchased this one on sale the other day at a bookstore.
it's glittered whimsical charm could not be resisted!!

what special way do you countdown to jesus' birthday?
have you ever made an advent calendar?
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be sure to check out all the comments, some great ideas in there!}


  1. When my kids were younger we always made the chain out of construction paper. Each chain had an activity on the backside that the kids could see when taken off. Some were small, such as "watch a Christmas movie", others were more involved like "shop for Christmas angel". I would look at the calendar ahead of time and line things up with certain dates.

    I miss doing that! My poor daughter didn't get to do it as long as the boys... maybe I should do it with her this year.

  2. I was just looking through the Land of Nod catalog I received the other day and I love this advent calendar. I too dream of making one myself but it's not happening right now with 2 little ones. Plus I don't sew.
    When I was growing up my mom had painted these wooden blocks and she placed them in this house like thing that hung on the wall. One side had the number and the other had some sort of Christmas symbol, like Santa or a candy cane. My sisters and I would fight about who got to turn them around. My mom still hangs it to this day and I still get a kick out of turning the block around to reveal the painted picture on the other side.
    Maybe next year I'll get my act together enough to have a fun handmade one for my kids.