Wednesday, October 13, 2010


my mama was here for fun visit and it was so great! laughter, treats, park visits, meals together, sewing, lounging, chatting...wonderfulness! she left this morning. bleh. 

elijah has barely been napping(or even sleeping at night) for a few days now. he's cutting teeth, accompanied by the usual snot, fever and whiny pants. i'm not much better! grumpy and tired from antibiotics that ended up being worse than the reason for taking them.

patrick is a verizon wireless champion. glad he loves his job!

the sourdough bread from the bakery is amazing. add butter and local honey and BAM! yummeh to my tummeh!

looking forward to a visit to the pumpkin patch this weekend! complete with hayride and corn maze. i can hardly wait to see what funny pumpkins elijah picks to bring home!!

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